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Legends of Istanbul
Legends of Istanbul Tulip Warriors (Türkçe)
Statue of Barbaros - Beşiktaş

İstanbul Efsaneleri (Legends of Istanbul) saga is a humourous fairy tale taking place in a fantasy world. It is comprised of fantastic and funny stories in a suspiciously contemporary-feeling setting which resembles the current world we live in, but with a twist.

This mystical city also known as "İstanbul" for short, is not only a fun setting with a potential of incredible incidents taking place in its dark alleys, where tragi-comic stories of adventure, suspense, love, betrayal and laughter are revealed, but also a fantasy land where "Silikon Baba" (Father Silicon), with his white beard, looks for adventurers from dawn till dusk and from dusk till dawn.

This strangely familiar city of "Istanbul" forms the basis of the legend, with its Maganda's, Memur's, Lavuk's (general stereotypes of people found in Turkish public life) and various other non-human races and monsters dwelling in its streets, extraordinary animals, meta-pyshical incidents and an aura of fun that encompasses it. The great history of this city, from the far past to the not-so-far future, is told in an absurd comedy style. This humourous fantastic history which stretches form the ancient times that are fading from memory to the times in a forseeable future, includes strange mythical events taking place anywhere in that stretch, barbarian raids, rabbit races, complicated conspiracies, wars taking place among the city dwellers, Cooncan parties (a popular pastime among the elderly) and of course amazing and unique stories about acts of heroism.

Tulip Warriors
Ejder (Drago)

The first part of the saga of İstanbul Efsaneleri, Lale Savaşçıları (Tulip Warriors), which was produced for Amiga and PC platforms in years 1994-1997, tells the story of only a little fraction of this great history in a computer RPG.

İstanbul Efsaneleri, being one of the best known works of fantasy-fiction genre in Turkey, despite blending in to the ancient past, is still sitting firmly on its throne at the hearts of fantasy-fiction fans and keeps away any wannabe challengers by attacking them with a rolling pin.

Lale Savaşçıları