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Legends of Istanbul
Legends of Istanbul Tulip Warriors (Türkçe)
Everything Begins in the Parking Lot...
Amulet of Ignorance

Lale Savaşçıları (Tulip Warriors) is a computer game first developed in 1994 by SiliconWorx for the Amiga platform. Later it was re-produced for the PC platform by Compuphiliacs and SiliconWorx and distributed by Raks New Media in 1996.

The game focuses on a particular era of the İstanbul Efsaneleri (Legends of Istanbul) saga, which is 50 billah (an ambiguous time unit) after the Battle of Bosfor. In addition to being one of the first PC and CD-ROM games in Turkey, 10 years after its first distribution, it is still accepted as a major turning point in the history of Turkish gaming and still is the first name that comes to mind on any symposium, panel, and discourse on the subject of "Developing computer games in Turkey". What makes this game immortal, together with unique code, music and graphics is the funny characters, the comical issues it deals with, its social content and its out-of-ordinary design.

Lale Savaşçıları, can be classified as an RPG. As is customary in RPG games, it is based on using the different personal traits of multiple (i.e. four) characters correctly, and solving the puzzles that appear in the game intelligently (i.e. usually beating). In terms of playing style and interface it is similar to the average RPGs of its time. What makes it (in)famous however is its style and story.


The game tells the tragi-comic and fantastic tale of 4 close friends that somehow end up in the fantasy setting of İstanbul Efsaneleri (Legends of Istanbul) by an unusual accident. The events that they get involved in, in order to retrieve their ball that they lost in the multi-storey parking lot in Mecidiyekoy, leaves those unsuspecting fellows in the middle of a series of troubles which turn them into involuntary heroes. These nameless, humble, and "braveheart" fellows, are the last bunch of heroes that would challange "Şeyh Cehalet" (Sheikh Ignorance) in his quest of turning istanbul into a fortress of darkness.

Since a long time has passed from the first distribution of the game for the PC's, there were compatibility problems with newer computers and with new versions of Windows. Cheers, now with the distribution renewed under the name Lale Savaşçıları Dağıtımı, our fellows will forever protect İstanbul.


PC Version

Amiga Version

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